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Season 16 Episode 2-2 - New Map - Ashy Aida

1. Zona Elite Aida Gray

1) Description of the Elite Zone

- The Elite Zone is a superior hunt area where you will find stronger monsters with special characteristics.

- Elite Monsters will appear in the Elite Zone.

2) Zona Elite Aida Gray

- At the entrance there will be a flag symbolizing the Elite Zone.

- From Season 16 Episode 2-2 the Elite Zone is created in Aida Gray where (Elite) Golem Gray and (Elite) Bloody Witch Queen Gray will appear.

- Elite monsters have Debuff Elite and Skills Elite options.

- If a character takes damage from an Elite monster, they will receive a 100% chance that a Debuff Elite will be applied.

Location of the Elite Monsters in Aida Gray




20, 59


47, 108


168, 169


97, 161


226, 130

3) Elite Monsters

- Elite monsters have the same characteristics as Boss monsters, which have Debuff resistance.

- Elite monsters have Debuffs that apply a debuff effect to the character through their attacks.

- Debuffs applied by Elite monsters can be reduced with Pierce Ryan's stamina options.



Monster Fire

Bleeding Debuff

Attack Reduction Debuff

Monster Water

Poisoning Debuff

Attack Reduction Debuff

Monster Earth

Bleeding Debuff

Attack Speed Reduction Debuff

Monster Wind

Poisoning Debuff

Defense Reduction Debuff

Monster Darkness

Bleeding Debuff

Defense Reduction Debuff

4) Drop Monstruos Elite

- Elite monsters can drop exclusive items in addition to normal items through their hunt.

- Some items dropped by elite monsters have a maximum number of drops and a maximum drop limit will be initialized weekly.

Drop Item


Elite Change Option Pieces

Collect 50 Pieces and you can create the Elite Change Option to change the Elite options of your Pierce Ryan

Sealed Armor Sculpture Pieces

Collect 50 Pieces and you can create a Sealed Bloodangel Scratched.
The Sealed Bloodangel Scratched can create a Bloodangel +13 item.

Golden Crest

Item Needed to create the Wings Level 4.

Garuda Flame

Item Needed to create the Wings Level 4.

Guardian Upgrade Stone

Item Needed to raise Pierce Ryan's Level from Level +10

Jewel of Harmony

Gem that can give additional options to items +9 onwards.

5) Scratched Armor Bloodangel

- The Scratched Armor Bloodangel is an item that allows you to create a Bloodangel Item.

- By Collecting 50 Sealed Armor Fragment you can create a Sealed Bloodangel Armor.

- It can be created in the Chaos Goblin of Noria "Combination General"

Item Principal

Additional Items


Sealed Armor Fragment

5 Jewel of Bless
5 Jewel of Soul
1 Jewel of Creation
1 Jewel of Chaos

Scratched Armor Bloodangel

Scratched Armor Bloodangel

10 Jewel of Bless
10 Jewel of Soul
1 Jewel of Creation
1 Jewel of Chaos

Item Bloodangel + 13
(Random Class)

6) Monsters Aida Gray


(Elite) Golem Gray



Elite monster that attacks close range.



(Elite) Bloody Witch Queen Gray



Elite Monster that attacks from long range
(When Attacking, absorbs 150 Mana)


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